Some reflections upon the commitment of the European Muslim woman…


Some reflections upon the commitment of the European Muslim woman in contemporary society

The world needs the contribution of the woman in order to obtain a more human outlook. Those who decide to sacrifice themselves wholly for their families, does not mean that they have closed themselves away from commitment to society.

Human contact, the sensitivity of a woman, the sense of what is essential is so profoundly felt by a woman that society cannot afford to leave out feminine presence. They have to be active citizens, engaged in local politics or in associative networks and make our streets areas of good living.

We have to make our homes areas of how to live that shine all around us. It comes to my attention, here that the moving urges of Celine : “You must feel that children other than your own become as important and as precious as your own, that you think about them, as your own children of the same family, your own, the whole of France. Therein lies the real happiness of a country, the real social change, mothers and fathers everywhere”.

Also, one must assume and claim one’s femininity in one’s commitment socially, even professionally and in the way you lead your life: in the hour of egalitarianism that denies the difference between a man and woman, in whatever sphere of which we commit ourselves, one must admit again that certain positions are better suited than others Because they correspond better to our being and nature.

The associative fabric of society has to be able to take this essential parameter into account It seems that the associative Muslim dynamic, for example, adapts itself carefully to the arrival of the fairer sex.

The presence of women in the associative world finds themselves to be indispensable in light of the requirements and problems faced by European societies.

The maternal dimension has to be recognised and protected and the Muslim woman must be able to invest in domains of education, culture, economics, politics…

Society must take advantage of sensitivity of women in order to have a more human society A woman must humanise what could not be of an elaborate abstraction and intellectually, on behalf of man” to paraphrase the late pope, Jean Paul II.

Today, in the actual circumstances, for a woman succeeding in preserving her family life, whilst being a militant is a race against exhaustion and stress, never mind the guilt And the remarks! Its not the commitment of women that is in question but the inadaptation of our community and of society in light of these recent phenomena.

There must be a real work in progress in the reforming of mentalities and of structures that must be promoted in the associative world recognising feminine characteristics, and adapt to them. The real understanding of the Message demands the associative environment (at least for what is a woman’s commitment in the inter-community) either organised or by the means that don’t oblige them to give up one’s own specify to the detriment of family of which she is a mother, her indispensable role.

We must rethink female commitment to regards of a family’s needs. As a consequence, the Muslim woman must open up actively to the world in defending the return to simple values but no less essential:

– Respecting one’s own dignity,
– Respect for family,
– Respect of groups at all levels.

It is essential to educate children through love, protecting their innocence and their purity that characterises them Firstly, one must fight to defend the family cell, as the paramount principle of balance and well-being.

A woman is an active organ in European societies and must be able to invest herself in the avant-garde role of representing several tasks in social life.

She is a human being able to participate, alongside men, in the process of development, on all cultural plans, economic and social, and because of her abilities, her specialities are not inferior to those of a man.

This being, it is inevitable that they must launch themselves into these initiatives because reforming a certain mentality isn’t an easy thing.

We have to give birth to a certain generation of women possessing the sufficient abilities to launch a movement of feminine action, capable of elevating the level of conscientiousness of women. We must today construct and resist ourselves in basing not only uniquely on religious convictions but on political ideas, in order to link ourselves to other struggles. I have confidence in the future: its once that people organise themselves, unite themselves, stand up and stand together that it is possible to change society I place a big hope in the young and the Muslim youth that are coming and that will continue the construction of communities of resistance. This young generation will play a major role in the years to come: they produce new strategies of resistance and of freedom, they bring originality and the creativity in the vision of the future and I want to continue to accompany them I’d like to use some words from Albert Camus that resumes in a just one phrase, the philosophy of life in which I entrust “Do not walk in front of me, fore I can not see you, do not walk behind me, maybe I cannot drive, walk beside me and be my friend…”

The woman is the source of family balance and the cement of society. Let us be beacons of light a movement of women, for the service of women, and therefore for family in a society lost of bearings.