Whether you are on the go out and about or just looking for a snack at home Babybel cheese has long been a popular choice. The mini individually wrapped cheeses make then easy to take on a picnic but it is also helpful at controlling portion sizes for those who get carried away when faced with the dairy product.

But while the variety is best known for coming in small, 20g, portions which contain just 59 calories the firm's latest offering is a big step away from the original. For shoppers can now pick up a Maxi Babybell which is 10 times bigger than the usual ones.

The new variety weighs 200g and contains 656 calories. And while the original has just 4.6g of fat its bigger sibling has 27.5g.

The new size was posted on Instagram by newfoodsuk after it was spotted in Morrisons. It is on sale at £3.50.

Posting a picture of the cheese the site wrote: "Omg, huge Babybels spotted at Morrisons." And followers were delighted to see the product which is made of pasteurised milk, salt, lactic ferments and vegetarian rennet.

Thekimgray wrote: "omg need" and ria_young posted: "take me back to Morrisons" and babybel.uk commented: "A thing of beauty' and eleanorrose192 said simply: "Christmas sorted."

However some wish it had been around longer. Amysims92 posted: "Imagine if this was out last year when all I wanted to eat was cheese when I was pregnant." And Jadey_h wrote: "How much would I have loved this as a kid."

The giant Babybel isn't the only new cheese-lovers product Morrisons is now stocking. It has brought back its limited edition Cheeseboard Pizza which has a cheese base, topped with different cheeses including Brie plus chutney and onions.

Newfoodsuk also posted a picture of that pizza sparking a string of comments. Coopertemple wrote: "Pizza if ever I've seen one!"

ineffable_missb posted: "Like all the holiday buffets we’ve been to over the years, but in pizza form!!!" Montybecca added: "Oh wow. this is exciting."

Kerrieashall wrote: "I neeeeeeed this."And Keltuk12 added: Looks amazing."

But not all were convinced. Kellieg said: "Needs more toppings." while jules.stevo added: Had one last night, it’s ok, not wowed by it."