Pro Palestinian protesters have vandalised the constituency office of a Cardiff MP because they disagree on the best way of achieving an end to violence in Israel.

Jo Stevens' office on Albany Road was covered in graffiti and stickers which labeled her a "murderer" and said "you support killing babies". Vandalism which also included red paint and banners saying she had "blood on her hands" was committed following a "vigil".

Former Plaid Cymru Senedd Member Bethan Jenkins attended the protest. She shared a video of protesters marching through Roath holding a banner saying "Cardiff Stop the War" and chanting "Jo Stevens shame on you". Ms Sayed wrote on the post "I think the message is loud and clear tonight in Roath..."

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Jo Stevens had abstained from a vote backing a ceasefire in Gaza. She told WalesOnline: "Unlike those involved in this so called 'vigil' I don’t require them to agree with my view on how an urgent cessation of violence in Gaza and Israel can best be practically achieved to immediately alleviate innocent civilian suffering.

The office of MP Jo Stevens, Albany road, Cardiff, which has been vandalised over the vote over whether to call for a ceasefire in Gaza
Some of the vandalism has been cleared

"I unequivocally support the right to protest. But this goes way beyond that. This is criminal damage. It is intimidation and incitement. This is a workplace and my staff team and I, as well as my constituents who come to my office everyday for help, should be able to do so without fear and in safety.”

Labour leader Keir Starmer had tabled an amendment to the Gaza motion, calling for longer humanitarian pauses to allow aid, calling this a "necessary step to an enduring cessation of fighting as soon as possible".

Speaking to the BBC Ms Stevens said regarding Bethan Sayed's attendance: "I would have thought at the very least, that this individual would have had some understanding of the effect that this will have on my team," she added.

"This is a workplace and my staff team and I, as well as my constituents who come to my office every day for help, should be able to do so in safety."

WalesOnline has approached Ms Sayed for comment . In a statement reported by the BBC she said: "I took part peacefully. I'd urge Jo Stevens MP to consider her actions as opposed to focusing on me."

This is not the first time Ms Stevens' office has been targeted. She was targeted after she spoke up in support of refugee rights in 2016.

Whether to call for a ceasefire has been a highly contentious issue within the Labour Party in recent weeks. Keir Starmer and Mark Drakeford have both called for "humanitarian pauses" but have stopped short of calling for a full ceasefire fearing it will limit Israel's ability to defend itself - especially given Hamas still holds many Israeli hostages and is vocal in its desire to destroy Israel.

Earlier this week video showed students at Cardiff University continuously chanting "shame on you" and banging on a door of Tory Senedd Member Natasha Ashgar while she spoke to the university's politics society.