The Global Challenge of Migration

A position paper issued by the European Muslim Network (EMN)* The concept of migration, which encompasses the search for asylum out of political and non-political reasons, is integral to the creation of the Islamic development and an integral part of the Islamic concept of Human Rights. In 621 AD, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) finally decided to


Fenomeni i radikalizimit brenda komuniteteve myslimane në Evropë, në mënyrë të kuptueshme zë një vend kryesor në ndërgjegjen publike. Aktet e fundit terroriste të kryera nga individë të cilët pretendojnë se veprojnë në emër të Islamit

European Muslim Network – because Europe matters!

The European Muslim Network’s press release on the current situation in Aleppo and Syria. The sufferings of the people of Aleppo and the massive bombardment and destruction of the city make us speechless. The images reaching us from Aleppo remind us of the images of the Second World War that we have seen in books