A flight attendant has shared her tips for making sure your hotel room is secure - using toilet paper, clothes hangers and towels. Balee has shared her tips for making sure you are safe i any hotel room, including advice on do-not-distrub signs and the in-room telephone.

In a post to her TikTok channel, flightattendantbaelee first tells prospective travellers to not use the 'do not disturb' signs, saying, "DND signs, they're an absolute no." She then advises her 155k followers to cover up the peephole on the room's door, "otherwise, somebody can see right through" and stuffs the hole with tissue, reports The Mirror.

In the video, which has almost 113k likes, she says that the locks high up on the door in the hotel must always be used, adding, "if you forgot your portable lock at home, here's another hack for you," and brings two coat hangers, interlinking them between the higher up lock an the door handle.

She tests out the theory and is unable to open the door with the hangers in place. She then takes a towel and threads it though the space in the upper lock and again tests it, making sure the door can't be opened.

She also advises people to place a towel at the bottom of the door to "block the space between the door. Her final tip is to always make sure that the telephone in the room is working.

And her followers loved the tips, with one saying: "I just bought a personal door lock but that hanger & towel. Revolutionary," while another said: "Yaaasss to all of these tips. I travel solo often and I do all of this." A third said: "I travel every other week, and I will definitely be using this… Thank you."

Others had their own travel hacks to share and one advised: "I use the door tag to cover the peephole. I jam it into the emergency exit instructions," and another said: "And if you’re traveling international, make sure you have the correct number for front desk." and yet another said: "Thanks. I also put a noise maker like a trash can up against the door."