The Muslim Unity and Moderation

Omer Kajoshaj

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If the Muslim unity was a necessity in the past, nowadays it became a must. In a world that is a Global Village there is no place for Muslim disintegration.
We are all witnessing a situation unfavorable for the Muslim world. Something went wrong on our journey. Somewhere we have lost the direction. Probably we split in the disunity junction. Accepting the pluralism as a model of governance does not necessarily mean that everything in our life must be pluralistic. Every single aspect of our lives should not face opposition.
The divergence in opinions should produce development, as it was the case in the golden age of Islam. Being open to constructive criticism often bears results productive for the whole community. But we should not confuse it with the unfortunate division that we are facing today.
When it comes to us, the Muslims of Balkans, we must admit that we have still much to do to be united, as our faith requires. We should overcome our regional, state, national, but also personal, group and community divisions.
But we talk of unity, we should bear in mind that the basic pillar of unity is the moderation or the middle path. And the middle path is not the easiest way, quite the contrary- it can be the the hardest and it requires possession of knowledge. It takes constant patience and wisdom to resist the daily challenges, to withstand against all those little things that distract us and make us forget our responsibility towards the society – the ummah. Almighty Allah says, Are the ones who know same with the ones who don’t? My question here would be: are the ones who know contributing enough to the ones who don t?
Dear brothers and sisters. The easiest ways to choose are the left and the right, or maybe even the side extremes, initiated by ignorance that leads to disunity and destruction. But let’s give it a second thought; let’s think of our children before we make decisions. Our only hope is knowledge, and we should turn it into our mission. We should learn every day, we should teach our children to learn, to strive towards better goals, towards better society – better ummah. Let’s master the wisdom of learning, unless we want to be slaves of the others forever.
May Allah help us