Prices of food has been soaring - and the cost of living crisis isn’t confined to just what we eat with things like fuel for our cars and power to heat the home sky high. Experts have been advising families to carefully consider what they buy at supermarkets with prices for what are essentially the same products varying wildly.

People have been told to consider buying supermarket own brands or budget alternatives - because you can knock two thirds off what you might be paying. One key battleground is that UK favourite - baked beans, with the top brands now charging premium prices.

In a bid to get to the bottom of if it is actually worth paying the extra Express reporter Ashley Summerfield took the beans test - and headed off on her bike to Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, and Morrisons. When she got home, the toaster was on and ready to get the essential bread element of possibly the most iconic lunch dish.

Heinz Beanz

Heinz sees itself as a premium product - and the price certainly suggests this. It has been making them since 1886, and since 2008, they have been sold in the UK under the name Heinz Beanz.

Ashley paid £1.40 for a tin - which is a big price when you consider what the others cost. She said: “What can I say that you do not already know? Nothing, probably.

“Its orange-red sauce has the perfect consistency, and its tomatoey taste is magnifique. It is the perfect meal for breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, a snack, and of course, a campfire.

“Can Heinz be matched or even beaten? I hope so, because otherwise, the whole “own-brand” debate is in jeopardy.”

She awarded them 9/10 adding “it is a classic for a reason.

Tesco own brand

Tesco’s own-brand beans were 50p. Meaning the Heinz ones are 180 per cent more epensive. Ashley said: “The beans are lighter in colour, and the sauce is runnier.

“After tucking in, I was neither blown away nor disappointed. The beans are not as tomatoey as Heinz, and in general, there is less flavour.”

She described them as decent for the price and said you could add ketchup to enhance the flavour - and awarded them 6/10.


At 44p, Sainsbury’s baked beans are the cheapest of the lot, meaning Heinz are 218 per cent more expansive. Ashley said: “Boy do they compete with Heinz. The sauce is a dark orange-red and has a thicker consistency than Tesco, but not as thick as Heinz.”

“When it comes to its taste, it is similar to Heinz—nice and tomatoey—but is slightly sweeter.” This was the clear winner Ashley said - giving them 8./10.

She explained why they had top spot - “While this is one point lower than Heinz, it is a whole pound cheaper, so from now on I will be popping to Sainsbury’s for my baked beans.”


Morrison’s own brand cost her 49p. Ashley said: “The beans are darker than Tesco’s but lighter in colour than Heinz and Sainsbury’s. When it comes to the sauce, it is too runny.

“After eating a mouthful, I was disappointed. Where is the flavour? Fine, there is some, but it is mind-numbingly boring. That being said, you could add something to the beans to give them flavour.”



Asda’s baked beans are 50p again 180 per cent cheaper than Heinz. Ashley said: “They are a similar colour to Morrisons, but thankfully that is where the comparisons end.

“There is a tomatoey flavour there, but it is distant but definitely there. It is slightly too runny, but is that even a negative? I have been portraying it as a strike against the beans throughout this piece, but you, the reader, might like that.”

She gave Asda a 6/10.

You could buy three tins for £1.32, which is only 8p less than one tin of Heinz!