Let me ask you some questions:

  1. Do you love Wales and want to know more about what is happening here?

  2. Do you look at our political leaders in Westminster and Cardiff Bay and think they are failing to deal with the wide range of problems Wales faces?

  3. Do you want direct access to our journalists and the opportunity to discuss and influence what we cover?

If you have answered yes to the above, then there is some good news. WalesOnline is launching a new newsletter written by me, its Welsh affairs editor. It is called The Will Hayward Newsletter (imaginative, I know).

Why should you care?

This newsletter is about helping people understand Wales. And we need people to really understand what is going on here now more than ever. Wales is in a real mess. Our NHS is on its knees. Our economy is stagnant. Getting anywhere on public transport is like hitching a ride on a glacier (if it turns up at all). The politicians that are supposed to make our lives better are, by so many measures, failing.

The aim of this newsletter is to help busy people understand the country in which they live. It will not pull any punches but will give you impartial analysis on what is happening in Wales. It won’t all be politics, it will look at a whole range of big issues affecting Cymru and all of us who call it home.

The key points

  • The newsletter will come out at least once a week

  • Extra newsletters will be sent out to cover big stories such as general elections

  • As a subscriber, you will be able to make your suggestions for what it will cover week to week. Have something you want to know , more about? Let me know.

  • It will be ad-free — so no more annoying pop-ups!

You can subscribe to The Will Hayward Newsletter here.

It costs £5 a month to subscribe

There are two options for subscribing:

  • The first is free. If you sign up for this you will get all the emails but it will only show you the first three paragraphs of the newsletter.
  • The second is £5 a month. This gets you the entirety of every newsletter.

In a world where we are used to getting news for free, having to pay may seem a bit odd and we do appreciate that in this day and age it feels like every person, company and politician is constantly pawing at your bank account. But you likely know how annoying it is when you are trying to read an online article and you are relentlessly bombarded with adverts. Nothing is more frustrating than being really into an article you are reading and then BANG “Want to buy a Honda?”

Those adverts are needed to pay for the journalism behind them but we are also now exploring being able to fund news in different ways. This is where the paid newsletter comes in. You can also subscribe to a premium version of the WalesOnline app for just £19.99 a year. This enables us to focus more resources on stories which take a bit more time and expertise. In paying just a small amount for this newsletter you are directly helping drive more investigative journalism and analysis right here in Wales.

Wales is the most wonderful place to live and work but we really have our challenges. More than ever we need an informed public who understand what is happening and how the decisions made by politicians are affecting their lives. A big part of that comes from telling important stories. If you spare £5 a month to help do so, that would be very much appreciated and we promise you access to unique and insightful journalism about Wales that you can’t get anywhere else. Click here to subscribe.