There has been a lot of negative reaction to the news that controversial right wing TV host Nigel Farage will be taking part in ITV's I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here.

Mr Farage, who was one of the key driving forces behind Brexit and who previously branded the show "humiliating", has arrived in Australia to take his place in the jungle. He will be receiving over £1.5million to join this year's list of famous (ish) faces.

Many people have reacted angrily to the news that Mr Farage is taking part. Well known radion DJ Danny Baker tweeted directly to ITV saying: "Nigel Farage being put into the jungle by ITV shows how insensitive, crass, tone deaf, idiot provocative, morally bankrupt a network they are. No wonder their ads are in the toilet. Just a giggle to you is he?"

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Comedian Danny Wallace quipped that he "would watch Nigel Farage on I'm a Celebrity" but this would only be "if all the other celebrities were Romanian men", a reference to a comment Farage made in 2014 in which he suggested that he would be concerned if a group of people from the eastern European country moved in next door. He later said he had got it wrong, saying: "I was completely tired out and I didn't use the form of words in response that I would have liked to have used."

Journalist and writer Otto English said that it would be "proper hilarious" if Nigel Farage was the first person to get voted out. He tweeted: "Proper hilarious. I mean I don't want to start a campaign or anything. #Nigelexit."

ITV clearly think that Farage will be a big draw for the show but some fans say that his presence will keep them away. Niecy O'Keeffe wrote: "I [have] watched I’m A Celebrity religiously, since it started. It’s not something I’m proud of, especially as an animal lover. It makes me feel like a melon. The inclusion of Nigel Farage is the line in the sand for me. Won’t be watching. Let it rot from the inside out. Bye, b*****s.

Others made predictions about what this would mean for Farage and the wider country in the future. Tom Nicholas wrote on X: "I’m a Celeb rehabilitation. Joins the Tories. Elected as MP at next election. Challenges for leadership mid next parliament. A lacklustre Keir Starmer calls an election after four years delivering very little. Nigel Farage, Prime Minister."

Naomi Smith, CEO of Best for Britain, argued that having a man with Nigel Farage's views on primetime TV was "not good for our country". She said: "While the thought of Farage mingling with other creepy-crawlies may seem appropriate, anything that normalises or amplifies his toxic views must be opposed. After a weekend that saw police injured at the hands of a far-right mob, and after years of his politics poisoning our society, we want the public to send a clear message to Ant and Dec, ITV and the media at large that giving a divisive populist like Farage a nightly primetime platform is not good for our country."

Playing of the idea of "sports-washing", where regimes in countries with poor human rights records try to use sport to normalise themselves on the global stage, Zoe Williams in the Guardian accused ITV of "fun-washing" Nigel Farage, who recently turned up in Cardiff after GB News was banned on Senedd TVs.

ITV has responded to the backlash with a statement saying: "I’m A Celebrity has always featured a diverse cast from all areas of public life and has a history of featuring political figures throughout its 20 years on screen. As with any camp mate, viewers are invited to form their own opinions when the show begins on Sunday."