Former home secretary Suella Braverman will receive over £16k after being sacked from her job by Rishi Sunak.

Ms Braverman was finally given the boot by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak after days of speculation over her future after she wrote an article in The Times where she said protest scenes were "disturbingly reminiscent" to those seen in Northern Ireland and criticised the Met Police, accusing police of bias.

Number 10 had not signed off on the statement and it was seen as a direct challenge to the authority of the Prime Minister. James Cleverly has been appointed the new home secretary and David Cameron has caused a shock by being appointed as foreign secretary. You can follow live updates here.

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The controversial former home secretary will be getting a tidy amount of cash of leaving her role. Despite having to give up her £67,505 salary (which was in addition to her £86,584 MP salary) she will bag £16,876.25 as the law says that people holding various paid positions in government (and the opposition) are entitled to a quarter of their salary in severance pay when they leave the job.

She will not get the cash however if she returns to hold one of the eligible positions again within three weeks (or six weeks following the dissolution of Parliament for an election). Ms Braverman has made a very brief statement following her sacking. In a statement she said: "It has been the greatest privilege of my life to serve as home secretary. I will have more to say in due course."

There are complicated, and in some cases quite generous, rules as to what MPs can earn as second jobs. You can see a break down of all of them in Wales here.