Mark Drakeford accused his Conservative opposite number, Andrew RT Davies, of being a misogynist during a heated Senedd debate. When asked if he wanted to review his comments, he backtracked slightly but stopped short of taking them back fully.

The First Minister had been asked about the King's speech and the impact it had on Wales. He then moved on to speaking about the culture in Downing Street and turned it into an attack on Mr RT Davies.

The presiding officer Elin Jones joined in, describing how she had been subjected to a misogynistic comment. You can read about that here.

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During the exchange, the First Minister said Mr Davies "shares the misogyny" he said was shown in Downing Street. When asked to look again at that comment because the presiding officer didn't see anything misogynistic today, Mr Drakeford replied: "Well, I'll agree with that Llywydd, I didn't hear anything misogynistic today". For the latest politics news in Wales sign up to our newsletter here.

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Here is the full transcript of the exchange:

Mark Drakeford: "This was from a government in its dying days. A government that knows that its time is up, a government that has no ambitions to be in government for the future. And as for the chaos, that Delyth Jewell referred to has it ever gone away.

"We have seen the foul mouthed misogynist, paranoid atmosphere that pervaded 10 Downing Street, defended week after week here on the floor of the Senedd during the COVID Emergency. How many weeks do I remember being told by Conservative politicians here that we should follow what was taking place in England?

"Well, we know...we know what was taking place in England and it is utterly indefensible and I look forward to hearing an apology from Conservative politicians here at the things that we have learned. No, we won't hear it. We won't hear it, we know, because he is still defending sorts of foul mouthed misogynist...well, he shares the misogyny we know, foul mouthed misogyny that was characteristic. Yes, I know. You have a go now.

Elin Jones: "No, no, no, no, no, no. I'm sure the First Minister will want to reflect on the direct accusation that he made to to the leader of the opposition. I don't think there was anything misogynistic in Andrew RT Davies' contribution today."

Mark Drakeford: "Well, I'll agree with that Llywydd, I didn't hear anything misogynistic today. I see it all the time. He thinks he can say anything he likes about anybody else. The minute you draw attention to his own record, he's on his feet complaining about it. There we are... I can tell you. Yeah yeah yeah."

Elin Jones: I'm going to ask Laura Anne Jones now to carry on. Misogynistic remarks are made by members in this chamber. I've been subjected to one of them myself not too long ago."

Mark Drakeford: "Indeed".