With The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) 1/3

Tariq RAMADAN Encounter with the Sacred One God Islamic monotheism has always stood in continuity with the sacred history of prophethood. From the beginning, the One God sent mankind Prophets and messengers entrusted with the message, the reminder of His presence, of His commands, of His love and of His hope. From Adam, the first

A reflection on the love between the Muslim and ALLAH

Belal El Mogaddedi I would like to take this year’s opportunity of the Id- ul- Azha festival and relate a short story to you, to inspire you to reflect on man’s relationship with his Creator. The following story is true, and it was passed down to me from my family from Afghanistan. Many years ago, in the

Il digiuno (Italian)

Patrizia Khadija DAL MONTE Il digiuno Nel nome di Allah il Compassionevole, il Misericordioso Il digiuno, sawm in arabo, non è una pratica che appartiene solo alla rivelazione coranica. Nel Corano stesso infatti è detto: “Oh, voi che credete, vi è prescritto il digiuno, come era stato prescritto a coloro che vi hanno preceduto”. (II,183)

O you who believe turn to Allah with sincere repentance

Mustapha MEGAWER “O you who believe! Turn to Allah with sincere repentance.”(The Holy Quran) “By Allah I seek Allah’s forgiveness and turn to Him in repentance more than seventy times a day.”(Imam Bukhari) In the Holy Quran Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala says,“And We took the Children of Israel across the sea, and Pharaoh with his


Mustapha MEGAWER “NOBODY CAN BE GIVEN A BLESSING BETTER AND GREATER THAN PATIENCE.” (Bukhari) One of the pillars of faith is the belief in preordainment. The believer should believe that what has befallen him was not going to miss him and what has missed him was not going to befall him. This belief helps the