France’s defining vision of change

Tariq RAMADAN The country wields deceptive political concepts today. If it wants to preserve its theoretical values, it needs to modify its political practices Some residue of France’s universalistic and secular ambitions, once colonialism’s driving force — in the name of the country’s “civilising mission,” and in defence of its economic and geopolitical interests —

Stereotypes on Islam (English/Italian)

Patrizia Khadija DAL MONTE (This article is also available in italian. Check out the links at the bottom of the page.) All ages have been marked by specific and “rational” prejudices; they were considered so “natural” that they lost their outlines and split themselves into thousands of small “historical” and “motivated” facts. It appears that

Dutch and Muslim are not mutually exclusive

Marianne VORTHOREN Rotterdam, Netherlands – A few years ago, I had a conversation in a mosque in Rotterdam with two Muslim girls who were about 6 or 7 years-old. They asked me, in fluent Dutch, if I was Turkish. I explained that I was Dutch, and had in fact converted to Islam. At one point

Are there ghettos in France?

Fouad IMARRAINE Public debates in France uses the word “ghetto” to define the so-called “banlieue” or “suburb”: French depressed areas, which are commonly associated with overcrowded area, social problems, such as poor population, migrants, underperforming school results, delinquency, violence, ugly concrete tower blocks, etc.“Ghetto” and “ghettoization” have never been more used by our politicians and

Division: between madness and reason?‏

Fouad Imarraine The murders committed against French soldiers, children and a father of two has left us all in shock. After the emotions caused by hearing the murder’s justifications, questions are raising everywhere. French soldiers killed in uniform on their own territory, Jewish children murdered coldly in front of their school and inside their school

The Family Structure in the Balkans, Problems and Good Examples

Sehija DEDOVIC (Download the full version of this article at the bottom of the page) Summary This paper will present the situation in the Muslim family in the Balkans, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The biggest challenges that these families are facing today are increased divorce rates, very high unemployment rates as well as war caused

The European : Interview with Tariq Ramadan

Tariq Ramadan A conversation with Tariq Ramadan about freedom of speech, the legacy of the Arab Spring, and Western misconceptions about Islam. Interview by Lars Mensel and Clemens Lukitsch. The European: The recent movie depicting the prophet Muhammed caused a diplomatic crisis, as Muslims in many countries took to the streets in protest. Do you

Pondering over 2011

Tariq RAMADAN It was a strange year, full of unexpected events. The world is changing quickly. For centuries and decades there has been talk of the “world order,” the “global economic system,” the “relationships (clashes or alliances) between (organised and structured) civilizations.” But are these ways of looking at and describing the world still relevant?

Muslims and Anti-Semitism

Tariq RAMADAN The responsibility of the Muslims and the Jews in the West is tremendous: living together, both citizens of the same countries, they should raise their voices in the name of justice and mutual respect. In France, for example, one finds a unique situation; namely, the largest Jewish and Muslim communities in Europe living