Online event: Srebrenica genocide – 25th anniversary commemoration

Srebrenica Sehija Dedovic

WE SHALL NOT FORGET Remembering the victims of genocide 25 years on, the single greatest atrocity in Europe since the Second World War. Join the commemoration and witness moving speeches, spokenword poetry, reflections, prayers and discussions. The on-line event is organised by London Muslim Centre and Bosnia Heritage Foundation. Wed 15 July 2020 | 6pm-7:30pm (BST/UK) Sehija Dedovic, a member of

Genocide denial and the reaffirmation of the Serbian nationalist project

Genocide denial Ejub Kostic

IVAN EJUB KOSTIC A quarter of a century after the atrocities in Bosnia, dreams of a Greater Serbia still resonate. The 25th anniversary  of the genocide in Srebrenica, the most horrific crime in Europe since World War II, just passed us. The genocide that led to the death of over 8,000 men and the expulsion

Web-panel on “Genocide denial and islamophobia”

Genocide denial Islamophobia

25 years ago today, thousands of Bosnian Muslims were brutally murdered in the heart of Europe in Srebrenica, in front of the eyes of the whole world.  In order to prevent similar incidents from recurring one must first fight the attitudes and discourses that have made these massacres possible. As we all know, Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism

Headscarf ban: Belgian Muslim women are resisting in order to free themselves

Belgian Muslim women

DR. MALIKA HAMIDI On 4 June this year, the Belgian Constitutional Court authorised the banning of the Islamic headscarf in the Haute Ecole and all other visible religious, political and philosophical signs. In the wake of this, the city of Brussels welcomes such a decision, which is both infantile and liberticidal. “It would seem that

Noam Chomsky joins international appeal for due process in Tariq Ramadan case

  NOAM CHOMSKY, AMINATA TRAORÉ AND FORMER ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY ROWEN WILLIAMS JOIN INTERNATIONAL APPEAL FOR DUE PROCESS IN TARIQ RAMADAN CASE  “Is there a form of justice for Muslims in France and another for all the rest?” (July 23, 2018) An international open letter released last June called on French authorities to grant Professor Tariq Ramadan

Tariq Ramadan’s daughter : “My father is enduring a flagrant injustice”

Maryam Ramadan, daughter of Swiss intellectual Tariq Ramadan, speaks with RT France in Paris on July 12, 2018. Tariq Ramadan, who is facing rape charges in France, has been in the custody of French authorities since early February. On July 15, 2018, Ramadan’s daughter, Maryam, sat down with RT France to answer questions about her

RT France حوار مريم رمضان مع

  يوجد طارق رمضان، المتهم بالاغتصاب، رهن الاحتجاز منذ أوائل فبراير. لقد وافقت ابنته مريم على الإجابة على أسئلة آر تي فرنسا، وتود بالمناسبة، أن تلفت الانتباه إلى ظروف احتجاز والدها التي تعتبرها جائرة. ضربت لنا مريم رمضان موعدًا في حديقة بالضواحي الجنوبية لباريس. تعيش مريم مع والدتها في الدوحة، في دولة قطر. وبحكم وجود

On the Tariq Ramadan affair

KHALED ABOU EL FADL 17 July 2018 What is happening to Tariq Ramadan in France is disgraceful and simply ignominious. I can no longer maintain my silence before this grotesque travesty of justice. Since rape charges were filed against him in France, Tariq Ramadan’s case has been marred by procedural irregularities, denials of due process, and

La fille de Tariq Ramadan témoigne : «Mon père vit une injustice flagrante»

Tariq Ramadan, accusé de viols, est en détention provisoire depuis début février. Sa fille Maryam a accepté de répondre aux questions de RT France. Elle souhaite attirer l’attention sur les conditions de détention de son père qu’elle juge injustes. Maryam Ramadan nous a donné rendez-vous dans un parc de la banlieue sud de Paris. Avec

Radicalizzazione: necessità di una risposta condivisa

Il fenomeno della radicalizzazione all’interno delle comunità musulmane in Europa occupa comprensibilmente un ruolo centrale nella pubblica opinione. I recenti atti terroristici perpetrati da individui che pretendono di agire in nome dell’Islam hanno causato un acceso dibattito . Purtroppo le discussioni e i dibattiti attorno alla radicalizzazione sono stati in gran parte dominati da interessi


Un documento edito dall’European Muslim Network (EMN)* Il concetto di migrazione, che comprende la ricerca di asilo da motivi politici e non politici, è parte integrante della creazione dello sviluppo islamico e della concezione islamica dei diritti dell’uomo. Nel 621 d.C. il Profeta Muhammad (pace su di lui), decise di lasciare la sua città natale

On Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and Fictitious Alliances – Muslims and Jews in America – what is the way forward?

Hatem Bazian The complex and often contentious relationship between American Jews and Muslims witnessed two momentous events that produced divergent results and emotions. On the one hand, anti- Semitic attacks on a Jewish cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri, brought about a rapid $120,000 online fundraising drive in the Muslim community and hundreds of volunteers to