Sabiha Erbakan-El-Zayat

Sabiha Erbakan-El-Zayat is a medical doctor by profession and works especially in the field of counselling with Muslim women . In addition she has studied protestant theology and philosophy and is one of the leading lecturers of the centre for Muslim women studies and women empowerment ZIF, based in Cologne. She wrote numerous articles and

Mohammed Belal El-Mogaddedi

Mohammed Belal El-Mogaddedi (Germany) is a native from Afghanistan, who was born and raised in Germany. He is a board-member of the German Muslim League, which was founded by native German Muslims in 1952, which makes it the oldest Muslim organisation in Germany. He has a background of 25 years in humanitarian work and was

Ibrahim El-Zayat‏

Ibrahim El-Zayat has studied Law and Economics with special emphasis on the Economic problems of the third world and the field of Islamic Economics at the German universities of Darmstadt, Marburg and Cologne. He is Co-founder of the Association of Muslim Social Scientists in Germany in 1995 and a founding and board member of IIFTIHAR,

Nezar Mahmoud

Nezar Mahmoud studied Mechanical Engineering and Management at Darmstadt University of Technology, National University of Singapore and University of St.Gallen. He has been an active in the German Muslim community predominantly with the focus on youth work on national and local level: Nezar Mahmoud has supported the Muslim Youth in Germany over many years and