Statement of The European Muslim Network on the continued incarceration of Mrs. Ola Al-Qaradawi in Egypt

Ola Al Qaradawi

  Solitary confinement is a form of physical and psychological torture! For the past 742 days Mrs. Ola Al-Qaradawi has been kept in prison by the dictatorial regime of General Sisi of Egypt. The Egyptian prosecutor has accused Mrs. Al-Qaradawi of “membership and financial support of a terrorist group using her relationships in prison”. These

EMN statement on the Death of President Dr. Mohammed Morsi of Egypt

With great exasperation and sadness the European Muslim Network (EMN) received the news on the death of the first and the only democratically elected former president of Egypt, Dr. Mohammed Morsi. President Morsi was ousted from power and unjustly incarcerated without a due legal process since summer 2013. The military dictators who grabbed power and

European Muslim Network’s statement regarding the potential executions of Honourable Shaykh Salman al-Ouda, Honourable Shaykh Awad al-Qarni and Honourable Dr. Ali al-Omari

  With The Name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Most Beneficent, The European Muslim Network took notice with great concern reliable media reports about the potential executions of three respectable Saudi scholars namely Shaykh Salman al-Ouda, Shaykh Awad al-Qarni and Dr. Ali al-Omari. The European Muslim Network urges the Goverments of European countries and

New EMN Leadership Team formed

The European Muslim Network has had its Annual General Assembly between the 15.-17.02.2019 in Cologne/Germany with participants from Germany, Belgium, the UK, Serbia, Bosnia, Portugal and Malta. The General Assembly accepted the resignation of its founding president Prof.Dr. Tariq Ramadan and thanked him for the leadership and support throughout the years and wished him and

Statement of the European Muslim Network on the status of its President Professor Tariq Ramadan

  President of the European Muslim Network, Oxford University Professor and renowned Muslim public intellectual Tariq Ramadan, has been held for more than five months in preventive detention at a French prison and has been denied bail following allegations of rape, which he vehemently denies, as the charges levelled against him collapse one after the

تصريح صادر عن شبكة المسلمين الأوروبيين حول ما يتعرض له رئيسها الدكتور طارق رمضان

لقد انقضت خمسة شهور على احتجاز السلطات الفرنسية لرئيس شبكة المسلمين الأوروبيين، الأستاذ في جامعة أكسفورد والمفكر الإسلامي المعروف الدكتور طارق رمضان،  في سجن فرنسي تحت مسمى الحجز التحفظي بعد الإدعاء عليه بالاغتصاب. وقد مُنِعَ من تقديم كفالة لإخلاء سبيله مؤقتاً إلى حين النظر في قضيته، والتي ينفي حدوثها نفياً قاطعاً، حتى مع تهاوي الادعاءات


EMN s’alarme de la situation de son président Professeur Tariq Ramadan, accusé de viols par deux femmes en France. La justice a été saisie de l’affaire. Cette situation nous inquiète fortement d’autant plus que certains médias livrent un procès avant l’heure sans retenue et à charge contre le Professeur Ramadan. Nous, membres d’EMN, sommes inquiets de ce traitement à charge,


European Muslim Network is very concerned by the French judicial system’s treatment of Prof Tariq Ramadan. Accusations of rape are very serious and the women must be heard. However due process and a fair trial for all are equally important. Reports of documents supporting his defence being ‘lost’ by the judiciary, and Prof Ramadan being denied the


L’European Muslim Network (EMN) è molto preoccupato per la situazione del suo presidente, Professor Tariq Ramadan, che è stato accusato di stupro da due donne in Francia. La magistratura francese ha aperto un procedimento giudiziario. Ad accrescere la nostra preoccupazione l’accanimento senza ritegno di alcuni media che imbastiscono un fantomatico processo contro il professor Ramadan.

Evropska muslimanska mreža – EMM Saopštenje

Članovi Evropske muslimanske mreže (EMM) uznemireni su zbog položaja u kojem se nalazi njihov predsjednik, profesor Tarik Ramadan, koji je u Francuskoj optužen za silovanje. Smatramo da je pravosuđe pod pritiskom, u njegovom slučaju. Veliku zabrinutost, posebno, izaziva činjenica da su pojedini mediji prerano i bez ustručavanja osudili profesora Ramadana. Mi, odgovorni u EMM, veoma

The Global Challenge of Migration

A position paper issued by the European Muslim Network (EMN)* The concept of migration, which encompasses the search for asylum out of political and non-political reasons, is integral to the creation of the Islamic development and an integral part of the Islamic concept of Human Rights. In 621 AD, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) finally decided to


Fenomeni i radikalizimit brenda komuniteteve myslimane në Evropë, në mënyrë të kuptueshme zë një vend kryesor në ndërgjegjen publike. Aktet e fundit terroriste të kryera nga individë të cilët pretendojnë se veprojnë në emër të Islamit