Seven thoughts

Belal el Mogaddedi Dear friends, in these days of blatant horror in the streets and squares of the cities of Egypt, in these days of breathtaking double-speak, double-standards and double-thought I sat down and tried to reflect on the situation. The following are my seven thoughts on the recent events in Egypt, which I would

Interview Nadia Fadil in De Morgen

Nadia FADIL Op een dag zal het wellicht doodgewoon zijn. Maar zover zijn we dus nog niet. Nadia Fadil (34) is vrouw, ze is de dochter van Marokkaanse ouders en ze is geboren en getogen in Borgerhout. Dat ze ‘desondanks’ sinds enkele maanden antropologie aan de Katholieke Universiteit Leuven doceert, is voorlopig nog zeer bijzonder.

Thoughts. Its not semantics, it’s a message!

Mohammed Belal EL-MOGADDEDI Some days ago I visited the english-language website “ikhwanweb” in order to obtain information on the actual political positions of the Muslim Brotherhood and its parliamentary spin-off the “Freedom and Justice Party” in the Egypt of today. However, I was much surprised by the fact that on the website the usage of

The Profile of Bosnian Islam And How West European(…)

Ahmet ALIBASIC The Profile of Bosnian Islam And How West European Muslims Could Benefit from It While the solutions found by Bosnian Muslims cannot be simply copied elsewhere, West European Muslims should study their institutions and intellectual legacy – and learn from their recent past that isolation equals destruction. Islam in Bosnia in brief Islam

Excision in Europe : confusion and responsibilities

Malika HAMIDI On the 6th of February 2012, the International Day of “Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation”, the whole world is mobilized with hope and determination to eliminate once and for all the practice of excision, wrongfully attributed to Islam. Although Muslim communities have condemned and legislated against this practice with conviction, in the

September, 11 2011 : Daring to be free

Tariq RAMADAN Ten years ago. Time flies. I remember the images, my reactions : shock, near denial. “It’s crazy, it can’t be !” A few days later Time magazine invited me to talk about the relationship between such violence and Islam. I remember having said, clearly : “As so many other observers, I have questions

September Thoughts

span class=’highlight’>Mohammed Belal EL-MOGADDEDI With the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Merciful “September Thoughts” There is no holy war.There is no just war.There is no honorable war.There is no humanitarian war.There is no war of the good. War produces only victims; war produces no winners but only war profiteers; war causes suffering, death

Whither Europe ? (English/Spanish

Tariq RAMADAN (This article is also available in spanish. Check out the links at the bottom of the page.) European leaders are deeply worried. There is no sign of improvement on the economic front : Greece is not recovering despite strong European support ; warning lights are flashing in Portugal, Italy and Spain. The unified

Making mistakes – Evolution of a community

Hussain SHEFAAR When a (friendly) journalist recently asked what advice he can take for his fellow journalists from the Muslims community – I replied, ‘allow us to make mistakes’. The media is paradoxical when it comes to the coverage of Muslims. On the one hand, Muslims are portrayed as non-Europeans, alien and radical with an

Political Exploitation of Islamophobia in post–communist Albania

Olsi JAZEXHI The historical roots of Islamophobia in Albania In a recent publication from the Council of Europe, Islamophobia has been defined as: ‘a fear of, or prejudiced viewpoint towards Islam, Muslims and matters pertaining to them. Whether it takes the shape of daily forms of racism and discrimination or more violent forms, Islamophobia is

Muslims face Islamophobia in Europe

Talip KUCUKCAN There is no doubt that the presence of Muslims in many European countries has changed the demographic and religious landscape of the West. The arrival of Muslims in large numbers to Europe since the 1950s and 1960s and their permanent settlement through citizenship thereafter call for a reconsideration of the dominant view on

Islam in Europe

Tariq RAMADAN Over the past 20 years a profound change has been taking place among the younger generation of Muslims in Europe. Fifty years ago, most Muslims were immigrants who came looking for work and planned to return home as soon as they could. For the most part, this first generation came from simple backgrounds.