Islam Today: The Need to Explore Its Complexities

Tariq RAMADAN Never before have Islam and the Muslims been held up to such relentless scrutiny. Never before have journalists devoted so many articles, interviews and analyses to the “Muslim world” or to “Muslims in the West.” And yet never has knowledge of Islam, of Muslims, and of their geographical, political and geostrategic circumstances been

Islam in Europe: Mainstream society as the provider of conditions

Lena LARSEN There are many different views on the relationship Islam has to human rights. But no one has investigated processes based on the believers needs, considers the historian of religion Lena Larsen, who has recently been allocated funding from the research project Cultural Complexity in the new Norway. She will be investigating fatwas –

Where do we stand? A wake up call to Muslims!

Mohammed Belal EL-MOGADDEDI In a paper called “Changing the Present and Dreaming the Future” Prof. Tariq Ramadan (Senior Research Fellow St Anthony’s College, Oxford and at “Lokahi” Foundation, London) has rightly pointed out, that the dream of the future will be created today. Furthermore he has identified “the ideology of fear” as one of the