The Statement of European Muslim Network regarding the attack of Matteo Salvini on independent journalism and EMN-member Davide Piccardo

The European Muslim Network (EMN) condemns unequivocally the verbal attacks on our member, the independent journalist, Davide Piccardo by the former interior minister of Italy, current member of the parliament of Italy, and leader of the ultra-right-wing party Lega Nord, Matteo Salvini. His vicious attack on Davide Piccardo on social media platforms endangers the life of our valued member and the lives of his family. Salvini will bear the responsibility for any harm that may reach Davide Piccardo.
Salvini’s vitriolic attacks reveal once again his deeply-seated Islamophobic attitude and hatred for Muslims in Italy in Europe.
Matteo Salvini must be stopped by the authorities in Italy immediately from spreading hate and personal attacks on media representatives. We appeal to the civil society, civic organization, and media outlets in Italy that they will demonstrate publicly their solidarity with Davide Piccardo. The agitators of ideologies that are spreading hate and intolerance should not be allowed to raise their heads and infiltrate the society in Italy. Never again!