The Statement of European Muslim Network Regarding the Recent Attacks in France, Vienna and Kabul

The European Muslim Network is deeply saddened by the recent terrorist attacks in France and Vienna, which have cost precious lives and caused fear and terror. At the same time, we do mourn the loss of precious lives in the Afghan capital of Kabul, where at least 42 students were murdered in an attack that was nurtured by the same anti-Islamic ideology which brought about the terror in European cities. Terrorists have no religion, they hate and betray all religious beliefs. The background of these incidents need to be fully investigated and those responsible for these acts of gross inhumanity must be met with the full force of the law. At the same time, the EMN is concerned about the recent hike of Islamophobic statements from key political figures aimed at the Muslim communities, especially in France. In times of societal tensions and populistic threats, we believe that a compassionate approach is the only way forward for true unity. We do welcome the statement of Austria’s chancellor Kurz who stated that the terrorist attack does not constitute a battle between Christians and Muslims but a battle between the vast majority of human beings who believe in Peace and the few who desire War. It is our hope that his statement after the horrendous attack in Vienna will translate into a modern and inclusive understanding of WE not only in Austria but also in the whole of Europe.