EMN’s Support for Muslims in Austria

In the very week in which the world was remembering in utter disgust, the national-socialistic Crystal Night directed against the Jews in Germany 82 years ago, the Austrian Government led by chancellor Kurz and his supporters of the Green Party decided to carry out raids against some of the most prominent and well balanced Muslim leaders of the country. The new laws will allow criminalizing all forms of Muslim activism in Austria under the pretext of “Political Islam”.
The EMN condemns this act of Austrian Politicians directed at Muslims in particular, and calls on Muslims and supporters of free political expression in Austria and all around Europe to rise in protest against the criminalization of Muslims and Islam in Austria. We know from history that these forms of legalistic onslaughts against freedom of thought and expression will in the end affect all of us, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and others as well. Stop Kurz! One Crystal Night in the heart of Europe was enough! Stop Political Extremism!