Ivan Ejub Kostić

Ivan Ejub Kostić is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade. He holds a Master’s degree in Islamic studies and Bachelor’s degree in Arabic Studies from the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, Serbia.

During the 2011/2013 academic years he lectured at the Faculty for Media and Commu-nications, Singidunum University, where he was engaged on the following subjects: “Culture and History of the Middle East” and “Orientalism and Occidentalism”. He is one of the founders of the Balkan Center for the Middle East, becoming its Directing Manager in 2013. He co-authored the book “Persecuted Islam,” published in September, 2013. Also he is in editorial board of the “Journal of Religious Sciences Kom” and regu-lar contributor for the “Yearbook of Muslims in Europe” which has been published eve-ry year since 2009 by Brill, Leiden. He has written numerous scientific papers and arti-cles on the relationship between Islam, politics and contemporary social theories, and is a frequent contributor to leading media outlets in the country and region on issues re-lated to the Middle East and Islam.
His fields of interests are: Islam in Europe and in the Balkans, the position of Balkan Muslims after the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia, modern Islamic thought and Islamic reformism, relation between modern social theories and Islam, Qur’anic exege-sis and hermeneutics, Islamic law, etc.