EMN statement on the Death of President Dr. Mohammed Morsi of Egypt

Mohammed Morsi EMN
With great exasperation and sadness the European Muslim Network (EMN) received the news on the death of the first and the only democratically elected former president of Egypt, Dr. Mohammed Morsi.

President Morsi was ousted from power and unjustly incarcerated without a due legal process since summer 2013. The military dictators who grabbed power and ousted the legal Government of Egypt in a bloody military takeover denied President Morsi his basic human rights to the very end. He was not allowed to receive visits from his family, he was kept in isolation, he was denied access to qualified medical care despite his serious health conditions and he was subjected to physical and psychological torture throughout his incarceration. The criminal behavior of the Egyptian authorities towards Dr. Morsi was persistently recorded by international human rights organizations. The particular circumstances which have led to his death may fulfil the legal definition of premeditated murder.

As a voice of European Muslims the European Muslim Network is particularly saddened and disturbed by the fact that the Governments of all leading European countries at the time, in close alliance with the USA, did not only refrain from condemning the military coup in Egypt, which toppled an elected government and replaced it with a military junta and brought all democratic processes in Egypt to a halt, they consider to this day the military junta of Egypt a reliable political partner, an “anchor of stability in a volatile region” and the current head of state “an impressive president”. The utter disregard for the aspirations of the people of Egypt by European Governments allow for a continued total suspension of the democratic transition and the rule of law, suppression of civil society activities and continued, brutal violations of human rights of all Egyptian citizens independent of their religious or political affiliations.

It is high time for the Governments of European countries to hold responsible the Egyptian Military Junta for its atrocious behavior towards its own citizens. We appeal to the Governments of European countries to use their economic and political leverage and raise their voices against the unrelenting State Terrorism practiced by the ruling Junta towards the people of Egypt. We are utterly dismayed by the fact that not a single representative of any European Government has come forward with a statement in public on the death of President Morsi. This is totally unbecoming of the values Europe claims to represent!

The European Muslim Network calls on the international community to insist on a thorough investigation of Dr. Morsi’s killing, a death foretold, and dare the authorities in Egypt on the conditions of tens of thousands of prisoners of conscience in Egypt where more than 60.000 political prisoners are languishing in subhuman conditions.

In the end, the European Muslim Network would like to extend its deepest condolences to President Mohammed Morsi’s family and his loved ones. The EMN once again reiterates its full support to all Egyptian citizens who fight and struggle for their freedom and hold on to their dream for a better future for the whole Egyptian Nation. Egyptians deserve better!

“And say not of those slain in God’s way, “They are dead”; Rather they are living, but you are not aware.”
(Al-Quran, Surah 2, Verse 154)

“Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un”
To OUR Creator we belong and to HIM we shall return!

European Muslim Network, Brussels, 18th of June 2019