Mission and Vision


The EMN draws its members from the following countries: France, Belgium, Great Britain, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Austria, The Netherlands, Germany, Bosnia, Macedonia, Turkey, Sweden, Ireland (new country members will be added in due time).


The EMN shall:

1. Elaborate an alternative thinking that reflects on and responds to the different challenges facing European Muslims and their permanent presence in place on Europe on a wide-range of contemporary social and political issues

2. Work for active participation by European Muslims in their respective social and cultural environments

3. Encourage open communication and debate through organizing conferences and symposiums at national and European levels within Muslim communities, as well as conducting seminars between Muslim European leaders.

4. Develop an active forum with the aim of establishing, through events and activities, a continuous dialogue between Muslims and non-Muslims from a number of organizations and institutions debating contemporary issues to improve understanding as well as our social conditions.

5. Participate and intervene in major public debates by producing texts, distributing information, articles and press-releases within the Muslim community and within the Non-Muslim community of Europe.